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The Espadan International Holding  company (collection), has consisted of companies, active institutes in the fields of knowledge development, industry, environment, international standards, security, care, protection, business, IT, legal issues and criminal, supplementary and special training and etc. It has done sth in employment (job creation), economic growth, presenting services according to society requirements and development of culture and knowledge, too by using   young, educated, committed and hard-working members is trying to promote the dear country of Iran

 with some European and Asian companies that provides a large part of the country’s need. As of today, the Espadan International Holding Company is a contract part (member) and exclusive agent of large companies such as : AFC of Germany, Germanys TECTRACON, QAL of UK, Asys of Spain, ACS of Canada and etc.

(The main purpose of this collection is to have more development Iran and more motivated young people (who) will not spare any effort in this matter. Hope to be successful in this way and with the support of your dear ones)  

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